Thursday, 20 October 2016

Knight Of The Rocks by Mark Farley

I have something of a minor milestone to announce today.
I am very pleased to have added a name other than my own to the Old Words Home author list. I’m not sure if two counts as a list but I am sure that one definitely didn’t so a big thankyou to Mark Farley for submitting his piece of flash fiction Knight Of The Rocks for me to record and doubling the number of featured authors at a stroke.
It’s a really beautiful piece in my humble opinion - both warming and somewhat melancholy at the same time - and it manages to cram a surprising amount of depth and emotion into a very small number of words.

I promise you it is well worth two and half minutes of your time so please give a listen, let me know what you thought and if you really like it then consider checking out some of Mr. Farley’s other work.
You can find him under various guises on Twitter:
You can also read the original text of Knight Of The Rocks at

Hope you enjoy it.

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