Why Are We Here

I was told that it is good practice for a writer to read their own work out loud. At first it seems odd - reading to yourself in a quiet room - but I soon found that not only was it beneficial to my writing but that I also really enjoyed the reading itself so I dug out a microphone and recorded a couple of pieces.

I hope that you might listen and I hope you will enjoy what you might hear. I like to think that after I have pinned down the process a little more I might be able to take submissions from other writers and perhaps rope in a few other voices to do some of the reading. Perhaps there is a decent podcast to be had out of this as well or perhaps some audio-books - who knows?

For now I just like the idea of a place where old stories can go once they have fallen into the dim realms of the "previously published" and be given a audience and potentially a new lease of life.

Please visit the channel, have a listen, leave a comment or subscribe if you like what you find there.
Old Words Home on YouTube

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